ACCC Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations of the International Capoeira Society All China Capoeira Competitions follow the philosophy of the World Capoeira Federation rules on Sports Capoeira.

It is the vision of the ICS that we can grow Capoeira to one day be on the world stage as an official Olympic sport.

3rd All China Capoeira Competition 2016

  • Category 1: More than 5 years playing
  • Category 2: Between 3 – 5 years playing
  • Category 3: Between 1 – 3 years playing
  • Category 4: Less than 1 year playing

  • Placings
  • 1 x First Place Gold medal
  • 1 x Second Place Silver medal
  • 2 x Third Places Bronze medals

  • Judging & Scoring
  • 1 point from one Judge equels 1 point
  • A Draw equals 1 point for each Competitor
  • Disqualification equals zero points marked with an X
  • 3 Judges will be looking for technique, flow, variety of movements and interaction between players
  • Judges decision is final and no protests will be entertained

  • Games & Rounds
  • 1 Game consists of 40 seconds continuous play.
  • 1 Round consists of 3 consecutive Games.
  • The clock on each Game will start at the completion of the Au.
  • Rounds will progress as Preliminaries and Semi Finals until a maximum of 4 Competitors remain.
  • Finals will be played by 4 Competitors in Roda de Compra where each Competitor will play his or her opponents twice each.
  • Roda de Compra will be timed at 20 seconds between each cut (compra).
  • The Roda will continue without stop for an entire Category.
  • All 3 Games will be played unless one of the Competitors forfeits the Round.
  • Competitors will not be notified of results until all Competitors have completed the Round.
  • The winners of each Round will progress to the next Round.
  • Competitors that do not qualify to progress to the next Round are eliminated.
  • In the occurrence of a Draw Round both Competitors will progress to the next Round.
  • In the case of an odd amount of Competitors in any one Round an Eliminated Competitor will be chosen to re-enter the competition on the basis of the following criteria in this order.
  • - Any Competitor who was involved in one or more Draw Game.
  • - The Competitor with the highest amount of Points.
  • Should there be more than one Competitor with equal qualifying criteria those Competitors will play a one chance Game to be selected to re-enter the competition.
  • Any Competitor having scored a Disqualified Game or Round will not be eligible to re-enter the competition even if he or she has sufficient criteria.

  • Play & Conduct
  • Competitors must recognise each other before each individual Game and at the end of each Round
  • Competitors must enter the Roda with Au from Pe do Berimbau
  • Any contact with an opposing Competitor by use of hands is illegal and will result in a disqualified Game
  • Use of Rastello, a kick to the lower leg, is illegal and will result in a disqualified Game
  • Attacks that make contact using the back of the head, elbows or knees are illegal and will result in a disqualified Game
  • Boca de Espera is illegal and will result in a disqualified Game
  • Grabbing or holding another Competitor, hindering his or her movements or excessive aggression is illegal and will result in a disqualified Game

  • Registrations & Regulations
  • Competitors must complete the registration form in it's entirety to enter. Links to the form are at the bottom of the page.
  • Competitors must be living in one of the Chinese countries of Hong Kong, China, Macau or Taiwan and training with one of the ICS registered and recognised teachers.
  • Each ICS registered teacher may sponsor up to eight persons to compete that do not reside in one of the Chinese countries of Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan.
  • Competitors will be paired according to information provided on their registration form in relevance to height, weight and category. Any Competitor presenting with excessive variations of these details provided may have an automatic penalty or instant disqualification from the competition.
  • All Competitors must wear white pants (abada) and corda signifying their level as regulation by their own group standards.
  • Each competitor will be provided with a T-shirt and will be required to wear it for the entire duration of the competition.
  • All Competitors will be required to remain on site of the Competition for the full duration of the competition through all Categories.
  • All Competitors will be asked to participate in the musical orchestra of any category voluntarily with exception of the Category preceding their own Category of participation.


Term Meaning
Game/s Each individual game played by Competitors
Round/s Preliminary, Semi Finals and Finals
Competitor A player registered in the competition
Judge An official of the competition dictating Game & Round winners, eliminated or disqualified Competitors
Referee An official of the competition directing competitors, keeping scores and time keeping
Category The group within which a competitor will compete
Win Winner of a Game or Round
Loss Loser of a Game or Round
Draw Equal score on a Game or Round
Eliminated The competitor with the lesser points at the end of a Round
Disqualified A Game or Round resulting in no score as result of an illegal occurrence
Roda de Compra A continuous Round where Competitors will buy the game (Finals only)