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International Capoeira Society

The International Capoeira Society is dedicated to being involved in events within the entire spectrum of Brazilian Culture.

The culture of Brazil is manifested in many elements. Dance, Music, Sports and more, and even when one artform includes all of these elements such as Capoeira it is not the entiriety of the Brazilian culture. The International Capoeira Society is dedicated to evolving all elements of Brazilian culture within China and its reigons.

Next Event - 3rd All China Capoeira Competition 2016

This year the All China Capoeira Competition will be held in Guangzhou China with players invited from all of the Chinese sporting countries.

Capoeiristas from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Macau will compete for the gold medal over four categories. The categories are divided into experience in playing Capoeira so it is open for students and instructors alike.

In 2016 we are honoured to have as one of our guest judges the official Senior Referee of the WCF Capoeira Mundial Competition, Mestre Peixe Ensboado. Other guests judges this year are Mestre Trapo of Grupo Capoeira Brasil and Mestre Junior or Au Capoeira. All guest masters will also be delivering workshops over the three day event.

ICS Events

Here is the short list of the most recent ICS events with the current events at the top. Click more for the entire list of ICS events since its founding in 2010.

  • 10th Batizado Festival
    Grupo Capoeira Brasil
    August 8th 2015
  • 2nd All China Capoeira Competition 2014
    Whampoa Plaza Hong Kong
    August 10th 2014.
  • 9th Batizado Festival
    Grupo Capoeira Brasil
    August 9th 2014.
  • Jornada Brasileira - Brazilian Journey
    September 7th 2013, 14:00 - 20:00.
    Charter Gardens, Central.
  • 8th Batizado Festival
    Grupo Capoeira Brasil
    September 7th 2013, Jornada Brasileira

Joining Our Events

International Capoeira Society

All players from all groups are welcome to join any events organised by the ICS.The International Capoeira Society represent all repuatble Capoeira groups in the region.

To get enrolments forms or more information on any of our events please contacts us through email. All contact information can found on our Contact page.