International Capoeira Society

The International Capoeira Society is thankful to all the organisations that give support to the Capoeira community in Hong Kong and China.

As Capoeira is still quite young in this part of the world we often need to bring guests from other countries to conduct workshops and participate in events. It is with the help of our sponsors that many of these events can be successful. Please take the time to visit their websites and services.


Gingando Online Store

The only online store letting you look the way you want to look. All items are customisable to siut your own creative ideas.

Gingando provides all the event shirts and other materials required by International Capoeira Society events. Also check out their wholesale site for bulk orders.

Gravity Ballet

Gravity Ballet Hong Kong

Adult Ballet, Adult Contemporary Dance Kids classes and more. Gravity Ballet is the only place where you learn from professional dancers.

Gravity Ballet provides a large size studio space for conducting training programs and event workshops. Check out their schedule with Ballet, Modern dance, Yoga and Capoeira in a convinient Kowloon location.