Membership Renewal 2020

Dear CFHK Members,

As of January 1st 2020, all memberships have been renewed free of charge.

With a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee, Individual and Associate memberships remain free for 2020.

As a member, you will receive member benefits on events and competitions throughout the year including the Master Class with Mestre Toni Vargas in October, the HK National and HK International Open Competition registration and other cultural events coming up as the year goes on.


World Capoeira Federation (WCF) Sanctioned Events

Members of CFHK wishing to join WCF events either in Hong Kong or internationally can receive free membership to the WCF upon registration of their details to the CFHK noting your wish to join or continue your membership of the WCF.

You will be required to make a one-time payment to the WCF for your WCF Capoeira Passport, after that the CFHK can provide up 50 memberships free every year to the WCF. A number of these memberships will be reserved for the Hong Kong National Team as a priority, after that it will be a first come first serve basis.


Membership Cards

During the year we will be issuing membership cards to everyone who personally participates in any event. Upon registration, for any event, we will prepare your membership card and give it to you at the event you registered for.

Once you have registered for an event in 2020 and been issued a membership card you will also be assigned a membership page in the CFHK website where all your events and statistics will be updated. You will also be able to use this logon to register as a member for any future events and receive immediate discounts.


Cancelling Membership

If you wish to cancel your membership at any time please fill out this quick form and we will remove you from the membership role.

You will be able to re-register at any time in the future through our website, however, any concessions you may have accumulated will be lost and you may be required to pay a membership fee if by a decision of the Executive Committee one is instated in the future.

(cancellation form coming soon)


If you have any questions for the CFHK please contact us any time by email:

We are looking forward to seeing you all playing a lot of Capoeira this year and improving ourselves as players and as people.

Daniel Hemsworth
President & Chairman