2021 Hong Kong Team Scouting Project

With the pandemic putting all events on indefinite hold it’s proven impossible that in 2020 we can conduct the National Championship. This means that selecting the 2021 Hong Kong National Team is going to be conducted with an alternative procedure.

People who would like to apply to the 2021 Hong Kong National Team can submit their application through the CFHK website and through a process of elimination as observed and ruled on by the Referee Commission of the Federation a 2021 Team will be selected.

Interested players can go to the Competitions section of the website to find the information as well as the online application form and upload their videos and photos.

2021 Hong Kong Team Scouting Project

The Team will consist of three players for each category of competition from ages 10 – 17 for the kids and juniors and adults in all weight categories. A total of 36 players may be selected to represent Hong Kong in international competition in 2021.

Registrations open September 15th and the deadline for submitting your application is November 15th 2020.

The official Team will be announced on December 7th 2020.

We are looking forward to receiving all your applications and we hope you stay healthy, fit and have fun with Capoeira in 2021.