HKU SPACE Professional Partner

CFHK is honoured to be a professional partner of the HKU SPACE Sports and Recreation programs. It’s a special thing to be able to give an opportunity to the interns of the sports studies programs and let them have a little taste as to what life is like working in the sports sector.


Study is great and learning skills is essential, but, as one of the special guests, Ms Vivian Lau from the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress said, it’s the on the job experience that really helps you define who you are and how you will work. Making mistakes is fine, as long as you are learning… It’s the time when learning is finished that you better be ready to take responsibilities.


I myself have had many influences in my life of how to work. From my first boss in the printing factory David J File, to my Capoeira teacher Mestre Peixe Ensaboado. Although from from vastly different cultures, the message and method of both of these two individuals is strikingly similar.


Thus participating in these HKU SPACE intern programs allows me to take a little from each of my influences as well as what I have learned for myself by doing the job for 23 years, and adding that which I learned from the school myself and delivering it in way of experience to the leaders of tomorrow.



Writen by: Daniel Hemsworth

Translated by: Brian Cheung